Keep Your Body Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Scenario #1

It’s a beautiful spring day. You are driving down a beautiful country road with the windows down. The breeze is blowing through your hair. You approach a curve at the bottom of the hill so you push down on the brake pedal. “Squeak…Squeak…Squeak…Squeak…” You feel a vibration through the brake pedal as well.

Do you:
1) Roll up the windows and crank the radio
2) Do the same drive 10 more times to see if continues to happen (which it does)
3) Say “Oh s#*t! I’d better make an appointment with the mechanic right away!”

Scenario #2

It’s a beautiful spring day. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. You spent the whole day picking up sticks from your yard, raking and pulling weeds. You wake up and get out of bed only to find you can’t straighten up. You have horrible pain going down your left leg. You can barely put any weight on it.

Do You:
1) Crawl back in bed and take 3 Motrin
2) Continue to hobble around using a cane hoping it will get better on its own
3) Call your physical therapist so you can figure out what’s going on and fix the problem

Your body is the most important machine you own. Maintenance is crucial for a properly functioning body. When you ignore pain, hoping it will go away on its own, you risk making a problem worse. Bedrest is not the answer to most problems. I can teach you ways to move and exercises to do to make your back pain go away. Why suffer for weeks? Are you having shoulder pain? Your joints work properly when there is the right length and strength of the muscles around them. Ignoring a weakness or a tightness can lead to irreparable wear and tear on the joint and surrounding tissue.

Why do people avoid going to a physical therapist?

Myth: “I don’t have time”
Fact: I come to you at a time that is convenient for you.

Myth: “I don’t want to commit to 2 times a week for 4-8 weeks”
Fact: That’s not how it works. After a thorough evaluation, we come up with an effective plan that you can do on your own with occasional check-ins to ensure the program is effective and to ensure you are doing things correctly

Myth: “I need a prescription from my doctor first in order to see a physical therapist.” Fact: Nope- I have a Direct Access PT license. No need to go to the doctor first. Myth: “I need machines to strengthen my muscles.”
Fact: Not true! You can perform an effective strengthening program right in your home! No need for expensive equipment!

So here’s the takeaway – don’t ignore your pain! Taking care of your body in a timely manner can prevent weeks, months or even years of suffering.
Email me or give me a call. I’m here to help!


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